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MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel  by MAPILAB

MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel is an advanced and extended version of the "Find and Replace" function for processing data in Microsoft Excel.

MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel benefits:

  • Simultaneous work with several files
  • Saving and downloading retrieval requests as templates for reuse
  • Creation of an unlimited number of rules for search and replacement of data and their simultaneous implementation
  • Find and replace operation inside all document properties (formulas, values, comments, hyperlinks etc.)
  • A possibility to flexibly set up conditions of the Find and Replace function using regular expressions and wildcards

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous Work with Several Files: MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel allows you to specify an unlimited number of files and worksheets in which the Find and Replace operation is to take place. You can specify the whole file as well as selected worksheets in it. Using this option you can find and then replace all necessary data in the selected files or documents per one program run.
  • Saving and Downloading Retrieval Requests as Templates: With the help of MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel you can easily save retrieval requests as templates and then download them in need of repeating this operation. The template stores all necessary information. By downloading the template, you will get a tailored request for search and replacement of data. All you need is to indicate documents to be processed. The template can contain the unlimited number of phrases for Find and Replace function.
  • Creation of an Unlimited Number of Rules for Search and Replacement of Data in Microsoft Excel Documents: The standard Find and Replace function allows you to find and replace only one word or phrase per one retrieval of this function. MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel enables you to create an unlimited number of phrases and combinations for search: "a phrase for search – a phrase for replacement". Using this function you will be able to find and replace necessary data in a short space of time per one program run.
  • Find and Replace Operation Inside All Document Properties: MAPILab Find and Replace for Excel allows you to find and replace data in cells, formulas, comments, hyperlinks, shapes, headers, footers and worksheet properties.
  • Using Regular Expressions and Wildcards: The application of wildcards and regular expressions considerably extends the process of search and replacement of data due to the possibility to indicate the correspondence template rather than particular data. For instance, you can change the domain in email addresses or the format of the specified dates.
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