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HarePoint Analytics for Microsoft SharePoint  by MAPILAB

MAPILab HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint (formerly known as MAPILab Statistics for SharePoint) is a solution for web analytics, a source of detailed information on the performance of SharePoint-based portals and websites. Reports in the product cover such items as users and their behavior; usage of content, documents, list items and search services. The product provides essential information regarding site usage for IT management, project managers, web editors, business managers and others.

Key Features:

  • Real time reporting: Any data or graph from a report can be easily configured and publishe on portal pages. For example, you can show the most popular documents near a document library, or display a list of the latest visitors on project pages.
  • Web parts with report data: The product is closely integrated with Active Directory and offers high-level reports with grouping and filtration by departments, groups and business units. This facilitates evaluation of SharePoint technology utilisation and exploration of behavior trends and patterns within the scope of the company's business units.
  • Active Directory integration and departmental reporting: Comprehensive data collection about user behavior on the web, including creation, modification or deletion of items as well as views of pages and documents. Data collection takes place on the server side without adding scripts or modifying pages. This allows seamless product integration and guarantees 100% capture of events.
  • No content modification for data collection: The cross-linked report system lets you drill down into data with a single click or go to another level of data presentation. All reports allow regrouping, re-sorting and re-ordering of columns without any need to refresh the page.
  • Drill down and cross-linked reports: This is achieved by using standard balancing technologies on the SharePoint platform and a multi-layered mechanism of data collection, accumulation and processing. The product can handle a large volume of requests and withstand a burst of activity without any adverse additional impact on server performance.
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