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Form Validation  by BoostSolutions

SharePoint Form Validation supports client-side validation for SharePoint list field data, providing Required Validation, Regular Expression Validation, Compare Validation and Range Validation standard validation types for input content checking when users create a SharePoint list item in new form or edit an item in the edit form. The administrator can configure the validations and customise warning error messages for most columns in lists. The Required Field Validator is used for setting the column value as not null. Regular Expression Validator is used to check inputted content against a regular expression. Range Validator checks that data values are in a specified range. Compare Validator is used when data are set to be compared.

The following licences are available:
  • Site Collection Licence: applied to a specific site and applies to the number of end-users on that site collection. Recommended if one site collection is required with a Site Collection ID that is unlikely to change frequently (the Site Collection ID will change if SharePoint is re-installed or SharePoint data are transplanted from one server to another)
  • Farm Licence: applies the amount of end-users of the largest site collection within a particular farm. Recommended if installing a SharePointBoost product on multiple site collections or if the Site Collection ID changes frequently.

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