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FormFix  by Accusoft

FormFix delivers both .NET and ActiveX COM components offering bitonal template-based form identification, form registration, form drop out and OMR technology to developers of forms processing applications. Highly flexible and optimised for speed, FormFix’s form recognition and form registration improve ICR, OCR and OMR accuracy. It interfaces with Pegasus recognition engines, and with any recognition engine supporting memory-to-memory data transfers. ImagXpress and ScanFix Xpress are included with FormFix for image handling, advanced image cleanup and TWAIN scanning.

Key features:

Form Setup:

  • API for setting up fields, form templates and form sets
  • Define OMR, text, image and custom fields on each form
  • Architecture allows flexible order of operations
Form Identification:
  • Match forms with user-defined templates and return confidence values
  • Quickly identify one of thousands of different forms
  • Automatic identification without the need for registration or anchor marks
Image Cleanup:
  • FormFix Professional includes ScanFix Xpress (full product description) for advanced colour and bitonal image cleanup, including automatic binarisation, deskew, despeckle, dot shading removal, line removal, character smoothing, inverse text correction, hole punch removal, etc.
  • FormFix Standard includes basic cleanup features of ImagXpress Standard (full product description) for bitonal image cleanup, including automatic binarisation, deskew, despeckle, rotate, mirror.
Form Registration:
  • Align a filled form to its template to within two pixels, based on image content
  • Automatically determine anchor points on the master template form
  • Adjust alignment within a drop out zone to compensate for form variations
Form Drop Out
  • Remove template image at sub-second speeds
  • Confidence values highlight problem images
  • Precisely remove lines, broken lines, shading, noise, guide text
  • Automatically repair characters that intersect with removed lines or guide text.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com