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File System Auditor  by ScriptLogic

File System Auditor is a centralised auditing product that enables administrators to record Microsoft Windows file server activity, audit file access and report and provide alerts on file system events. Create a secure audit trail of file activity and alerting on unusual or other specified behaviours. Install file server agents remotely to any file server on a network without rebooting the server. Audit events on files, folders and shared folders including which server was accessed and from which IP address or the workstation onto which the user was logged. Generate reports for distribution using the event filter in various formats including PDF, XLS, CSV, TIF, TXT,RTF and HTML. Schedule reports in 5-minute intervals or daily and weekly etc. to provide up to date information regarding file system activity.

Key Features:

  • Forensic Information: Comply with regulations and corporate security policies with the ability to show who has touched what files or folders, when, on what server, and which workstation the user was logged into at the time of the event.
  • Record and Report: Record all events in a central SQL database and create reports that contain all information pertinent to the event including: event type, username, date/time, process, and file path involved.
  • Smart Alerts: Receive notification when someone accesses, or attempts to access a file, folder or share covered by your audit policy.
  • Intelligently Monitor: Monitor file system activity and return a single entry as opposed to native tools which can yield dozens of event log entries for each event.
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