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Exclaimer Mail Utilities  by Exclaimer

Exclaimer Mail Utilities is an effective rules based emailware tool that enables users to manage how email systems deals with emails sent and received by organisations. It combines many features that are beneficial to the management of email communication including email disclaimers, email branding, email signatures, auto-responding, forwarding, email blocking, anti-spam and anti-virus.
  • Management and deployment: Users manage the installation and setup from a single computer no matter how many Microsoft Exchange 2003 servers are present. A setup wizard gets users set up with the first email signature.
  • Driven by rules: Use the rules engine to define the emails needed to work with for each feature. Base rules around the AD group of the sender or maybe a trigger word in the email subject or the domain of the recipient. Users can even set up a rule based on specific AD attributes of the sender or recipient.
  • Add email signatures and disclaimers: Choose to add signatures and disclaimers to Microsoft Exchange 2003 email at the top, at the bottom or just above the reply separator. Use the editor to create templates that include dynamic merge fields from sender or recipient Active Directory records or even the email itself. Exclaimer have also included a library of templates.
  • Create auto replies: Mail Utilities has auto responding capabilities that lets users attach documents and brochures, incorporate branding elements like logos and even data from the original email like the body, the sender name or recipient data.
  • Cut out the spam: The Mail Utilities spam filter is built on the sophisticated Recurrent Pattern Detection technology from Commtouch.
  • Deployment: Exclaimer Mail Utilities allows users to control mail utilities environment from a centralised location. Users can make one change on the master system and that change can be filtered down to all other servers running Exclaimer Mail Utilities.
  • Error Handling: Many organisations are required by law to add disclaimers to their email, Exclaimer Mail Utilities addresses this issue by detecting whether email has the required information in it and taking appropriate action. For example, users can check to make sure that email has a disclaimer added to it. If the disclaimer is missing users can take a variety of actions including blocking it or notifying the sender. This feature guarantees that emails without disclaimers are not sent until they have the appropriate information in them.
  • Performance monitoring: Exclaimer Mail Utilities constantly monitors the email traffic going through its system. This data can be used in conjunction with a reporting tool to alert engineers to email related issues. Users can also use data from the monitoring tool to produce reports on the performance of your email systems.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com