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Easy Projects .NET  by Logic Software

Easy Projects .NET is a web based application for managing and tracking software development, IT, manufacturing and financial projects. It includes activity, request and problem tracking, portfolio management, real-time conferencing, estimation analysis and interactive Gantt charting with support for Microsoft Project file importing and exporting

Key features:

  • Multi-Nesting (Hierarchical) Projects and tasks: provides for unlimited projects & tasks with as many sub-levels of hierarchy as you need. You can track large tasks by splitting them into small ones, assign deadlines and team members, specify estimated durations and activity categories.
  • Fully customisable user permissions: uses a multi-level permissions system based on the user's role in a project. Each role has different access rights and can work only with the objects available to them.
  • Detailed project statistics & reports: provides you with set of ready-to-use reports showing all aspects of the project development process at a glance. You can view a summary for all projects, resource workloads, team member timesheets, estimated time vs. actual time and issue and request statistics. 
  • Customisable and expandable source code edition: user interfaces, including colors, graphics and text, can be customised according to your company policies and culture. Easy Projects .NET is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server. This means that it can be easily modified to meet your requirements or integrate into your existing system.
  • E-mail notification & alerts: this feature will keep your team members updated in real-time and provide excellent communication within a team. Each user will be able to receive an email when the task or project he is working on is changed or assigned to him.
  • Issue (defect) tracking: has a built-in Issue (Defect) tracking system. You can use it for your internal issues tracking or for client support. Once a defect is submitted, it will be automatically converted to a task and assigned to a member of the team responsible for the project. You will be able to track how many hours were spent on bug fixing and compare actual times versus estimated. 
  • Customers request tracking: allows you to keep track of all customer requests. Either a customer or a project manager can submit these requests. All hours spent on the tasks that are out of the original specification scope will be logged separately and this data can be linked to your billing system.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com