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EFT Express  by Globalscape

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) platform improves operational efficiency and security for all of your file transfers. EFT SMB is fully scalable to fit your business needs and can be upgraded with modules to provide advanced features, as needed. EFT SMB can improve upon secure FTP and SFTP server integration and provide the advantage of automated data exchanges, military-proven security and infrastructure stability for small-to-medium businesses. EFT SMB boosts operational efficiency by combining a powerful server with an automated client module. Our managed file transfer software gives you the best of both secure file transfer components through advanced automation and a powerful server, all in one platform.


EFT SMB can automate the delivery of data when it's needed, instead of when you have time to do it, increasing your day-to-day productivity and overall operational efficiency. Automation allows you to move and deliver data without constant manual intervention, saving time and minimising potential costly errors. The automation features in EFT SMB provide more control than SFTP servers and a more efficient and secure data exchange process than FTP, allowing you to automate data exchanges among employees, internal systems, remote offices, suppliers, partners and customers.

Security and Compliance 

EFT SMB offers built-in security features and its optional modules help protect your data and facilitate compliance with government and industry regulations, like PCI DSS, SOX, GLB, HIPAA, FIPS and others. From using secure protocols to following the security requirements of the most rigorous compliance standards, EFT SMB securely manages data exchanges among employees, clients and partners using secure protocols, message integrity and data encryption. Using standard, non-proprietary protocols to makes it easy for any authorised clients to connect to EFT SMB.

Anywhere Access

EFT SMB offers browser-based and mobile clients to allow end users to access and share files securely, from anywhere.