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EFT Enterprise  by Globalscape

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Enterprise secures, manages and tracks data transferred between people and applications both inside and outside your organisation. EFT Enterprise is a best-in-class solution for enterprises with complex and mission-critical file transfer requirements. EFT can reduce complexity of file transfer infrastructure, increase operational efficiency and protect most important data.

Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise enables you to streamline business processes without limitations imposed by legacy systems and applications. EFT’s automation capabilities set it apart from every other MFT solution on the market. Some organisations have seen a 7x return on their investment from choosing EFT Enterprise.

EFT Enterprise speeds up file transfer by 5 to 8 times over large geographical distances.



EFT Enterprise can be deployed in an active-active highly available cluster. With EFT Enterprise you can have confidence that you can scale horizontally to increase throughput or ensure non-stop uptime of your business critical systems.EFT Enterprise can be deployed behind your own firewall, in a private cloud or in AWS or Azure.

EFT Enterprise ensures the highest levels of compliance with government and corporate security policies and privacy regulations, such as PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA and SOX. EFT Enterprise is trusted by some of the largest enterprises and organisations across the world to protect their mission-critical data.

EFT enables your organisation to securely manage file transfers among worldwide offices, clients and partners using industry-standard Internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP and AS2, providing the flexibility needed to meet the specific requirements of vendors, business partners and customers.

EFT Enterprise provides support for easy-to-use authentication methods, including smart card, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication options.