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CodeRush  by Developer Express

CodeRush is a refactoring and productivity plugin that extends the native functionality of Visual Studio. CodeRush provides additional features for error correction, code completion, navigation, search, syntax highlighting, formatting, code generation and optimisation, carries out over 180 automated refactorings, and streamlines unit testing among other features.

CodeRush benefits:

  • Visualise Code and Intuitively Debug: CodeRush makes it easier to see what's going on with complex code, so you can move forward and spend less time wandering and wondering.
  • Move at Warp Speed. Drill In/Out. Go to Next Reference. Find Symbols: The CodeRush's navigation engine makes it extremely easy to locate required code fragments. It contains dozens of navigation providers that enable you to easily find related code elements and move from one element to another.
  • Validate Quality Faster. Run Tests Faster. Create Tests Instantly: Unit Test Runner is a powerful unit testing tool. It executes your unit tests, navigates through tests and facilitates processing test results. Unit Test Runner supports the MbUnit, MSpec, VS Test, NUnit, SlUnitTesting and xUnit frameworks.
  • Simplify Complex Software Systems: Consolidate Duplicate Code. Effortlessly Refactor: CodeRush is a duplicate code detection and with the built-in duplicate code consolidation so your code is easier to read and maintain.

Key Features

  • CodeRush Decompiler: Reveal source code in compiled assemblies.
  • Consume-First Tools: Automatic declaration.
  • Automatic Code Gen: Code templates.
  • Advanced Selection Tools: Simplify code selection.
  • Powerful Clipboard Tools: Intelligent cut, copy and past.
  • Code Formatting and Cleanup: Understand code more easily.
  • Code Analysis: Find code issues.
  • Code Visualisation: Improve code clarity.
  • Code Refactoring: Simplify and restructure code.
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