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Chant Developer Workbench  by Chant

Chant Developer Workbench is comprised of essential tools and class libraries for developing software that speaks, listens, and interacts with users. It provides an IDE for developing and interactively testing speech and natural user interface technologies. You can manage conversations, grammars, movement, profiles, lexicons, speech, and text-to-speech markup directly within application software you develop and deploy.

Key Features:

  • Design Grammars with GrammarKit:
    • Create and edit grammars in native grammar syntax
    • Generate word pronunciation phonemes
    • Edit word pronunciation phonemes (requires LexiconKit)
    • Compile and debug grammars
    • Test grammars with live and recorded audio, and text simulation (requires SpeechKit)
  • Track Movement with Kinesics
    • Enumerate Microsoft Kinect sensors
    • Render and analyse color, depth and skeleton data
    • Trace sensor events
    • Test application movement tracking functions
  • Tailor Pronounciation with LexiconKit:
    • Create and edit W3C lexicons (.pls), create and edit Cepstral lexicon file (.txt), create and edit Nuance Vocaliser and VoCon user dictionary text file (.dct)
    • Create, edit, export, and delete SAPI 5 user and application lexicons
    • Generate word pronunciation phonemes and edit word pronunciation phonemes
  • Administer Speaker Profiles with ProfileKit:
    • Create and delete speaker profiles
    • Enumerate speaker profiles
    • Invoke recogniser built-in speaker training
    • Design and test custom speaker training
  • Recognise and Synthesise Speech with SpeechKit:
    • Enumerate audio devices and speech engines for selection and command line testing of audio-, recogniser-, and synthesiser-specific features
    • Trace audio, recognition and synthesis events
    • Support grammar activation and testing (requires GrammarKit) and support TTS markup playback (requires VoiceMarkupKit)
  • Fine-Tune Speech Synthesiswith VoiceMarkupKit:
    • Create and edit documents with TTS markup
    • Generate TTS markup and generate word pronunciation phonemes
    • Edit word pronunciation phonemes (requires LexiconKit)
    • Playback text with TTS markup (requires SpeechKit)
  • Enrich Conversations with VoiceXMLKit
    • Create and edit VoiceXML documents
    • Test VoiceXML documents with microphone audio and keypad data
    • Trace runtime events
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