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Cascaded Lookup  by BoostSolutions

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup greatly enhances default SharePoint’s lookup functions. It reduces wait times as lookup results are filtered according to parameters that you set. Column relationships between parent and child columns can be established so that data selected in parent fields will determine options presented in the child fields.

Key Features:

  • Build single or multiple parent-child cascading (dependency) relationships between columns in the same list
  • Filter Lookup items by view or by one or a set of columns from another list
  • Cross-site lookup: cross-reference column data from a list in any site within a site collection
  • Display more than one field from the lookup view (Allows displaying additional fields)
  • Create a bi-directional connection between items via reverse lookup column
  • Supports calculation involving Cascaded Lookup column (can be used for calculation when creating a Calculated column)
  • Add new items to the target list via “Create new item…” link
  • Supported target column types: Single line of text, Number, Date and Time, Calculated (output is single line of text), System Reserved Fields ( such as ID, Modified, Created, and Version)
  • Supports document “Name” column as lookup column, and download a copy directly by clicking the file name on View item form
  • Mark Cascaded lookup columns with icons
  • Display empty field when no items match the filter criteria
  • Display only one instance when duplicate items exist
  • Remove link in List View (Hide the link to the lookup item)
  • Supports auto-complete, find-as-you-type functionality to easily work with large list of items
  • Enables changing a field from single to multiple values
  • Auto-adjust the width of the Cascaded Lookup drop-down list box according to the value length
  • Supports Cascaded lookup column as a site column
  • Convert between SharePoint Lookup column, Cross-Site Lookup column and Cascaded Lookup column
  • Keep Cascaded Lookup settings when converting into SharePoint Lookup column
  • Export Cascaded Lookup column data to Microsoft Excel
  • Link SharePoint list to Microsoft Access database; supports view and edit Cascaded Lookup column data
  • Export Cascaded Lookup column data to Microsoft Access database
  • Manage Cascaded Lookup column data in Microsoft Word
  • Sync Cascaded Lookup column data to SharePoint Workspace
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com