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Cascaded Lookup  by BoostSolutions

Create cascading fields and apply filters to data retrieved from different sites within a site collection with SharePoint Cascaded Lookup. Create cascading drop down fields (e.g. Country ->State ->City) by building parent-child relationships between columns so that values in the child field get filtered or scoped according to what was selected in the parent field, thus narrowing down your choices. Cascaded Lookup provides you with a cross site function that gives you the ability to get data from different sites within the same site collection, thus broadening your lookup scope.

Key Features:

  • Create parent-child, cascading relationships between columns so data entered in one field filters the options present in another
  • Unlimited number of cascading levels
  • Filter and sort retrieved data by selected view
  • Filter retrieved data by one or multiple columns from the target list
  • Supports cross-site lookup to reference list from any site within a site collection
  • Supports autocomplete, find-as-you-type functionality to easily search retrieved data
  • Automatically create a reverse lookup field in the target list
  • Display relevant columns from the target list alongside lookup values in table view on Item View/Edit form; allows paging, filtering, sorting (for multiple values)
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