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Blaze 3D Studio  by Holomatix

Blaze 3D Studio is powerful software package that contains all the tools you need to create realistic looking 3D content, bring it into your Flash presentations (if desired), and publish it to the web without any plug-ins. It is easy to use and is complimentary to popular 3D packages and Flash. Using Blaze 3D Studio, you can work with materials and textures of your 3D model and apply HDR lighting. Once you have brought the 3D model to life, Blaze 3D Studio compresses your geometry and textures, allows you to integrate it with Flash, and publish it out to your desired format (web, projector, video, PowerPoint).
  • Flash Designers and Developers use Blaze 3D Studio to extend the Flash authoring tool to import, edit and animate real-time 3D objects. Use ActionScript to control your 3D in any way you like.

  • 3D Artists and Industrial Designers use Blaze 3D Studio to edit and publish stunning interactive 3D content to the web. Configure your 3D renders dynamically using ActionScript.

  • Marketing professionals rely on the content created with Blaze 3D Studio to drive sales and enhance campaigns, training and customer support programs.
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