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Aegis Service Desk  by Abacus Systems

Aegis Service Desk is an ITIL based service management system. Aegis Service Desk fully supports the ITIL standard within an IT service environment. Comprehensive service management processes are fully integrated in the single application, ensuring seamless workflow between processes.

The following ITIL processes are fully integrated:

  • Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Configuration Management and Service Level Management

Key Features:

  • Form Designer: Use the form designer to design multiple forms. This allows different users to use different forms depending on their skill levels. You can also define different forms for your clients, suppliers, resellers or 3rd party providers. You can then assign the forms to them for web access.
  • Field Properties: Field properties allows you to change field names, specify default values, specify whether a field is compulsory, attach a list box (look up) and whether values entered for a field must exist in the list box.
  • Service Level Agreements: The SLA capabilities provided by Abacus Systems also enables providers to define an unlimited number of Client SLAs. This will be used to escalate incidents to specific client’s requirements. This flexibility enables SLAs to be defined to various client requirements, such as a SLA to cover Network Support and another to cover Applications Support.
  • Web Access: Log calls via the web. The web front end can be accessed by your staff and clients and can be used together with the Windows version of Aegis.
  • Automatic Notification: Automatically notify clients and internal users (technical support staff) of any changes. With automatic notification, nothing falls through the cracks. You can also customise the message being sent by inserting system directives, fields from the database and any free form text. This allows you to create a more personalised message for each notification type.
  • WorkFlows: Use workflows to automatically assign or reassign calls to a support consultant or a user group.
  • Triggers: Triggers allow you to create tasks and responses when an incident is added or edited. This allows you to automatically create a list of tasks and/or responses to be completed or addressed.
  • Reports & Dashboard: Print a variety of reports.You can also select the fields you want printed; specify a filter to select the required records and how the report should be sorted.
  • Charts & Statistical Reports: You can create unlimited number of distribution and trend charts, which can be saved and reused anytime. Combine this with the filter facility and you have unlimited views of your data.
  • Call Queues: Use Call Queues to quickly view who is working on what in tabular and graphical form. Support consultants can also pick up calls from the queue.
  • Filters: Filters allow you to select the records you want. Several predefined System filters are supplied and you can add your own if you have the security to add filters.
  • Views: Views allow you to select specific fields to be displayed on the grid on the main window. You can define an unlimited number of views.
  • Cell Styles: Cell Styles allow you to highlight records based on the value of a field. For example, if Priority is Low, set the color to green, if High, set it to red. You can define unlimited number of cell styles and link them to filters, views and sort fields.


For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com