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A-PDF to Excel  by A-PDF.com

A-PDF to Excel is a fast, affordable way to batch extract and convert almost any PDF data (such as Invoice, Bank statement, Price list, inventory list. Etc…) to highly-editable Microsoft Excel document or CSV file format in several minutes.

A-PDF to Excel is particularly useful to people who received a lot of invoice (PDF format), who need to batch extract the PDF data and save it to excel and retain the original rows and columns in original PDF.

Key Features:

  • No copy and paste forms again: You do not need copy PDF data from hundreds PDF files again. Using it, you can batch process PDF one time.
  • Visual PDF data extraction editor: A-PDF To Excel provide a visual data extraction editor to allow you define the output field columns, merge or split the field columns etc. See below for a quick impression. You can also import and export the rules for use other place.
  • Output to CSV or XLS files: Create one single CSV/XLS file from all PDF files. That means, you can easily use your rules anywhere.
  • Extract data from almost any type of PDF: Documents with different tables on different pages, documents with several tables on a single page, rotated pages, PDFs with tiny or unreadable fonts, PDF documents with a combination of fields and tables and dozens other types of PDFs.
  • Convert long\multiple-page PDF files by applying current "Table Structure" to multiple pages: By re-applying a single " table structure", A-PDF to Excel allows you to convert PDF files of any size... On top of that, multiple pages are converted at a speed of 500 pages per minute, which means that even the longest files will be converted in minutes.
  • Batch Convert PDF to Excel: A-PDF To Exce Support Batch Convert PDF documents to XLS or CSV. Convert mode include:
    • To XLS:
      • All PDF files to single Excel file in one sheet.
      • Each PDF file to multi-separate Excel files.
      • Each PDF file to single Excel file in separate sheet.
    • To CSV:
      • All PDF files to one CSV file.
      • Each PDF file to Multi-separate CSV files.
  • A-PDF To Excel Command Line: A-PDF To Excel Command line (PPTECMD.exe) can be used as a Windows console utility that silent convert PDF files to the Excel Table.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com