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Licensing Agreements

Select Licence

The Microsoft Select Licence program was designed specifically for medium and large organisations with 250 desktop PCs or more that have mixed software requirements and want a simple, flexible and affordable way to purchase the latest Microsoft technology on a “pay as you go” basis.

The Select Licence categorises software products into three distinct product pools: applications, systems, and servers. Your price level for each pool will be based on product points that you forecast over the term of your agreement. The points you forecast will apply to all enrollments under the agreement. Examples of software products in each pool are shown below:

  • Applications: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Project.
  • Systems: Windows desktop operating system upgrade such as Windows Professional.
  • Servers: Windows Server and associated Client Access Licences.

Each licenced product carries a point value. For example, Office Professional is two points, and Windows Server Standard is 15 points.

Three options are available to acquire points for each product pool:

  • Acquire new Licences.
  • Acquire Licence and Software Assurance.
  • Acquire Software Assurance alone for software products already covered with Licences and Software Assurance from a previous order or where Software Assurance is purchased based on the eligibility rules.

For further details about Select Licences, please click here.

Select Licence under Software Assurance

Software Assurance can be purchased with the purchase of a new Licence. The combined purchase can be spread over the term of your Select Licence enrollment. This can help reduce initial up-front costs and provide a framework for annual budget predictability. Software Assurance is always purchased for the term or remaining term of the enrollment.

For more information on Software Assurance, please click here

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(Last Updated: 22 April 2013)