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Licensing Agreements

Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement is appropriate if you have more than 250 PCs, devices and/or users and want to license software and cloud services for your organisation for a minimum, three-year period. Regardless of size, as an EA customer you will sign a Microsoft Business and Services Agreement and, at your choosing, one or more Enrollments.

The following enterprise products are included in the Professional Desktop Full Platform:

  • Windows Pro Upgrade
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Core Client Access Licence Suite

The following enterprise products are included in the Enterprise Desktop:

  • Windows Pro Upgrade
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Enterprise CAL Suite

Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS)

EAS is a Volume Licensing program for large organisations that want to subscribe to, rather than purchase, Microsoft software licences. This program provides similar advantages as the Enterprise Agreement with a lower initial cost based on a three-year subscription and the ability to increase or decrease subscription counts on an annual basis. However, unlike the EA where you retain perpetual use rights for the licences you purchase, with this subscription agreement, you gain access to Microsoft software for only as long as you maintain your subscription.

For further details about Enterprise Agreement, please click here.

Enterprise Licence under Software Assurance

All Enterprise Agreements include Software Assurance benefits that you can use to plan deployments, ready your users for new software, and support Microsoft products and services without incurring additional costs.

For more information on Software Assurance, please click here


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(Last Updated: 22 April 2013)