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Intel: Up to 65% off Intel Parallel Studio XE

Up to 65% OFF Intel Parallel Studio XE

This offer is valid until 30th June 2017

Receive upto 65% discount when purchasing New Floating Licences 1 Seat + 1 Year Support at the price of a Pre-Expiry Renewal - Intel Parallel Studio XE

Eligible Named User licences:

  • Intel Parallel Studio XE only
  • Composer or Professional Edition
  • Commercial or Academic
  • For Windows or Linux
  • With current or expired support
  • Registered users in EMEA only
Requirements to order if above eligibility is met:
  • Licence serial number
  • Serial number will be retired / cancelled

Click here to learn more about Parallel Studio XE or contact us on 020 8733 7101 or enquiries@qbssoftware.com

(Last Updated: 07 April 2017)