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Web Servers

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The software that enables a computer to deliver web pages to users. Web server tools can also provide a website with additional security by adding features such as authentication and access controls.

  • BizTalk Server (Microsoft)
    Integration and connectivity server solution that connects systems inside and across organizations, to exchange data and orchestrate processes requiring multiple systems. It enables organizations to connect disparate systems.
  • Virtuoso (Openlink Software)
    Virtuoso is an innovative enterprise grade multi-model data server for agile enterprises & individuals. It delivers an unrivaled platform agnostic solution for data management, access, and integration.
  • Zend Server (Zend Technologies)
    Enterprise-ready web application server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security including a complete PHP stack and caching and acceleration.
  • Zeus Web Server (Zeus Technology)
    Zeus Web Server is a high performance web server with a scalable architecture that can host tens of thousands of web sites on a single machine.