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Short for OLE Custom control, an independent program module that can be accessed by other programs in a Windows environment. Both VBX and OCX controls have now been superseded by ActiveX controls.

  • ComfyJ (TeamDev)
    Lets you use ActiveX/COM/OLE/OCX objects right from your Java application and implement Java objects as COM objects, without writing native code.
  • GrammarKit (Chant)
    Chant GrammarKit is comprised of tools for editing, compiling, and persisting grammars to distribute with your applications and application ready software components to dynamically generate and compile grammars as part of your deployed applications.
  • LexiconKit (Chant)
    Chant LexiconKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components for creating, editing, and deploying speech recognition and speech synthesis lexicons with word pronunciations to enhance recognition accuracy and synthesis quality.
  • ProfileKit (Chant)
    Chant ProfileKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components that backup and restore, activate, create, delete, and train end user profiles with standard or custom scripts to enhance speech recognition accuracy.
  • R&R ReportWorks (Liveware Publishing)
    Data access and reporting tool for designing reports for data stored in Xbase (DBF) and SQL databases. Xbase databases are those created by Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual dBASE, CA Visual Objects, Clipper and other compatible products.
  • Spread COM (GrapeCity)
    Grid and spreadsheet component for 16/32 bit VBX, OCX, DLL.
  • TX Text Control (Text Control)
    Royalty-free word processing component in a re-usable component form. Available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.
  • VoiceMarkupKit (Chant)
    Chant VoiceMarkupKit is comprised of tools and application ready software components to generate Nuance L&H Native Control Sequence, Microsoft SAPI, and W3C SSML markup language that enhances the playback quality when synthesizing text-to-speech.