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Graphic tools are available as stand alone utilities or as components that can be embedded into applications. If I was scanning in an image, resizing and sharpening it then saving it in GIF format to be displayed on my web site, I would use something like Photoshop. If I was writing a health club membership system and needed to produce member photo cards, I would use some component technology within an application to interface to a digital camera and print out the card. Stand alone technology encompasses desktop publishing, illustration, 2D image manipulation, 3D imaging and animation, digital video, web graphics and multimedia.
Image components offer various technologies to input/scan images, to convert from one image format to another, to process or enhance images, to compress, store and output images. The performance, speed and accuracy of how these jobs are done is a function of the underlying technology which is reflected in the wide range of pricing for these products.
Scanning technology extends into optical character recognition (OCR) and makes this software useful for document management system. Reading barcodes off scanned images is another application.
Vector graphic utilities and components allow the creation, display, editing, storing and printing of vector drawings can be used in so many applications to create images interactively with the user.
A popular application for embedded graphics technilogy is mapping. Graphical information systems (GIS) are used for route planning, GPS systems etc.


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