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Many IDEs come with a comprehensive collection of pre-designed components. Where they are provided by third-party publishers, more developed (professional) versions will be available often as upgrades. Of course, there are whole areas of more specialised functionality encapsulated in components. We categorise components into functional areas on our website.


.NET ComponentsActiveX ComponentsAddressing softwareADO
ButtonsC++ Class LibrariesCalendars/SchedulersCharting/Graphing
CLX ComponentsCOM ComponentsComponent CreationComponent Suites
CORBADiagrammingDLLsDrawing Software
Enterprise JavaBeansGantt ChartsGeographical Info SystemsGraphical Development
Grids, Tables, SSJ2EEJava BeansJava Components
LibrariesMappingMenus, Tabs, NavBarsOCXs
PDF ComponentPost Code software and dataResizersSilverlight
Trees and ListsUser Interface componentsVCL componentsWeb Components
Wizard creation